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There are two types of spray foam insulation – open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell spray foam is less dense than closed-cell spray foam insulation, and is spongy to touch. This gives it an effective sound dampening effect. Foam insulation is a powerful insulator with a reliable air-tight seal. This dependable material creates a moisture barrier deterring mold for a is proven to have a long life-span. Foam insulation is eco-friendly and will provide incredible energy savings in your home or business.


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Cellulose is a type of insulation that’s made up of shredded newspapers, as well as plant fibers making cellulose very environmentally friendly. The materials are then milled into tiny milling waste and then treated with boric acid so that it can become flame retardant as well as fire and mold resistant. It is then sprayed into the walls and roof cavities of the home. With cellulose ensuring great thermal performance it is also energy efficient, saving you money. Pest control will never be more efficient and cellulose doubles as a sound barrier.


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Fiberglass is a type of silicate fiber primarily composed of glass that is used in a wide variety of applications, and is predominantly employed as a residential and commercial thermal insulator. As an insulator, it slows the spread of heat, cold and sound in structures, cars and aircraft while maintaining moisture resistance. Fiberglass absorbs sound waves and works as a non-conductive and radio frequency transparent. Fiberglass insulation allows design freedom and is highly cost effective.


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The building materials used for constructing or remodeling are very important because they dictate how durable and resistant to wear and tear that property will be. Our products are conveniently easy for quick installation and easy to repair with smooth surfaces. Our offered drywall and sheetrock is energy efficient and eco-friendly as well as mold and moisture resistant. Our products can also be soundproofed.